Blocking Tunisian


I’m almost finished with the first panel of my first tunisian afghan. What is the best way to block it? Should I just wet it and lay flat, put it on gentle in the washer and then lay it flat? Any help is most appreciated.


[color=#300090]:shrug: Have you tried looking (my search results) in the other sections for information on blocking? I think it depends more on the fiber than the stitch. I mostly use acrylic yarn, so have little knowledge of blocking beyond what I’ve given you. Try this [U][B]Blocking[/B][/U] thread; ArtLady gives plenty of impressive tips on blocking.

I do know Tunisian crochet likes to curl similar to knitting stockinette stitch. Good luck. [/color]


Thanks for the info. The only place it’s curling is the first three rows, so that’s not too bad. I think I can get away with just heavy misting, maybe pin down the bottom and sides and let it dry. Do you know if you can do the tunisian stitch instead of sc for graphghans. After trying both, I much prefer the tunisian way, to me it looks much neater than sc.


I don’t see why not. Years ago, I did an afghan totally in Tunisian, and then I cross-stitched the Ohio Star Quilt motifs over the stitches. Good luck! (but more importantly, have fun!!)


I never block my afghans and you can prevent the curl if you do a row of tunisian purl stitch in between your first few rows. It all depends on what you choose to do but I just chuck mine in the wash and line dry if its acrylic and wool I lay across the top of a cloths airing rack.


By chance I was just researching graph based color work in crochet for another thread here. Be right back with the link.

Tunisian graph color work would best use intarsia methods. Trying to carry the unused yarn would be problematic, I think.