Blocking superwash wool

Does superwash wool block well? I just started an entralac scarf with it and it will need a good blocking job, so I don’t want to continue if it won’t block. Also, same question for soysilk. Thanks:)

I’ve found that both block well.

Thanks :?

Great to find someone had already asked the question I had! I have a superwash afghan to block and I’m about to order 2 sets of blocking mats from KP to accomodate it. Didn’t want to and then find out it won’t block!

Hi Ingrid :waving:


For an afghan there’s no need to ‘block’ it beyond just washing and drying, you don’t need to pin it out.

oh yes there is, this one is all outta shape and the edges are practically fluted. Its crochet so that may contribute.

Laura…those posts are almost 4 yrs old. :lol: For the record though I’ve blocked it and it’s fine.

Yeah, for a second there, I got excited and thought ‘Ingrid’s back!’, then looked at the date…

Sue, I did the very same thing !

ha ha - me too! (Ingrid) :aww:

If you need a large blocking mat, go to Lowes or Home Depot. They have the same type of interlocking mats nut in a much larger size. I think they are used for floor mats .