Blocking suggestions?

I am making the second scarf on this page-exhibit B (using up stash yarn-YAY!) I am going to have to block the tar out of it, though, and I’m wondering if you all think steam blocking would be the way to go. (It’s 100% wool yarn).

I usually do wet blocking and sometimes the pin and spray method, but because I think it will take quite a bit of blocking to get it to lay flat, I am wondering if the steam would work better.

What do you think?

I think that wetting the scarf before blocking makes it easier to stretch out the scarf, hence I would recommend wet blocking for heavy blocking. I don’t have experience with steam blocking, but since the scarf will be dry when blocking, I guess it might be harder to stretch it…

It occurred to me to message the designer on Ravelry (duh) and ask her how she blocked hers. She said she wet blocked it, so that’s what I will do. Thanks!