Blocking: Steam the RS or WS?

When you steam block your FO’s do you lay them right side up or inside out?
Thanks everyone!!!

I only ever steam-blocked once with a steam iron through a tea towel - it got flattened both sides anyway - just be careful you don’t squash cables!

I’ve always steamed on the RS…using a pressing cloth… but NEVER apply any pressure (iron doesn’t touch the piece). Steaming can sometimes make the fibers/sts ‘blossom’ so I’d want that to occur on the RS. If done on the WS the RS sts might end up flattened while the WS sts would fluff up.

Do you pin your edges down so they lay flat and do not curl? I am going to steam a stocking that still needs to be seamed up the back. The entire stocking is st st and the sides are curling. I am hoping to flatten them before i seam them together.

I always pin anything I’m blocking. The curling will pretty much disappear once the piece is seamed, regardless, but you can elim some of it, perhaps. As you know, st st naturally curls but if you can reduce the amt of it before seaming that might be helpful. (Sometimes the amt of curl has you fighting to undo it as you seam.)

BTW, natural fibers benefit more from blocking. What is the yarn in your stocking?

my stocking is a handspun lincoln, very scratchy! I will try to use some pins to keep the edges down while i am applying the steam. thanks