Blocking question

I am a newbie here and I can’t seem to find any info on how to “block”. All I know is I NEED to do it! I am trying in vain to finish a scarf and she looks a bit funky. :??

okay, since I kinda left out the particulars,
The scarf I finished is a 50/50 cotton/acrylic blend called “pronto”.

:thinking: Does blocking mean to wet the peice and then shape it to make it pretty???

I just could use a little guidance here as I’ve finished other scarves and never felt any need for blocking before… :doh:

Here’s an article about blocking:

Hope it helps!

Edit: Oversaw that the yarn is 50%Acrylic. I don’t know, if it’s able to block that, but be very carefull, if you steam block it, because it could melt!

OMG!! Thank you so, so much! I am a bit nervous about blocking this now that I read that article…
I am a bit of a yarn hoarder and bought this yarn at least 6 months ago… Now, I will pay attention to what the makeup of the yarn is as opposed to just the needle size and how pretty it is! :oops:

If you’re leery of wet blocking this, you can lay it flat with a damp towel over it. You can pin it to shape if it needs it and put wet towels on it and leave it until all are dry. A little steam won’t melt it, but don’t iron it or you’ll really flatten it out.


I just finished and blocked the mock cable hat I was working on (you answered a question for me about the k2 twisting instruction). And I was disappointed at how flat the stiches got. This was 100% wool, and I just used steam and my iron. Does that mean I pressed too hard and should have pressed more lightly? That I should have used a pillowcase or towel to press through?

Same technique I’ve always used on the Christmas stockings I do and it works great there, but I didn’t like it on the hat.

Will getting the hat wet and letting it airdry restore any of that texture, do you think?

(working on matching scarf now)


To be honest, I’m not an expert on blocking by any means. I’ve blocked sweaters on a wooly board, I wet blocked a scarf recently and that came out nice. I don’t think I’d block hat myself, but then again, I’m lazy that way. I would certainly give in a go. I think I’d wash it in warm water–very gently–just kind of press it around with an iota of wool wash. Squeeze the water out in a towel and then if you have something to shape it on, I’d think that would be best. Since most of us don’t have head mannequins, I’ve often thought a balloon would do in a pinch. Or maybe if you just shape in flat until it’s dry, it’ll get it’s poof back.

Can I just say “WOW”! I am soooooo in :heart: love :heart: with this site! {sigh}
Ingrid- Thanks! I will try that blocking tip! Just as soon as dd goes to sleep. 2 yr olds + pregnancy brain + learning new techniques = one more mess to clean…
I bow to all of your knitting prowess :notworthy:

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Yeah, this place rocks!!! And don’t you just love bedtime!! :wink:

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