Blocking question!

I’m making my first serious foray into lace with the tiger eye lace scarf in a beautiful Manos del Uruguay silk blend (in Violets, if anyone’s interested, which is stunning…I’ll post a picture when it’s done). After a few practice swatches I got the hang of the lace pattern, which is flanked by a 3-stitch garter stitch border on both sides. All was well until I’d knit about a foot of the scarf (so there was a good deal of bulk hanging off the needle) when I noticed that the border was folding under the scarf. It’s not like the stockinette curl, it’s a very distinct fold along the border edge. Is this something that will straighten out with blocking? (Because I know a lot of the unevenness will.) Or am I doing something wrong?

Likely blocking should help. If you can post a picture, it would help.

If not, maybe you could consider just… turning the edging under and tacking it down to make a double-thickness border? Then you’d block it.


That happens with garter borders that have a YO next to them. Blocking should take care of it.