Blocking my first sweater

I finished knitting a sweater for my knitting mentor. It is made of three rectangles, one big one with armholes and two smaller for the sleeves. This community was so helpful when I didn’t understand how to split the knitting for the armholes, thank you! Now I need to block it before I put it together. The yarn is 51% wool and 49% acrylic. So any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated! All the best!

I’m so glad this sweater has worked out for you. Your knitting mentor will be pleased.
You can wash according to the ball band instructions, wrap in towels to absorb water and lay flat to dry. Shape the sweater and if you want, pin it out to the measurements for your size. Alternatively, you can pin out and spritz with water then leave to dry.
If the yarn ball band says you can machine wash and dry then follow those instructions. I always think laying flat to dry is safer however.

Thank you so much darling! It has been a joy to make and pushed my skills to a new level! Your help means the world to me :heart:

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Your mentor is going to be thrilled and amazed.

I have never blocked pieces before seaming together. I know some people always do, some don’t.

One of the first tops I made appeared to have the front and back different lengths but I was absolutely certain I had counted exactly the same number of rows, so perhaps my tension changed a little or something. When I seamed it I followed row for row (tacking in place with yarn loops first) and it matched up perfectly- they did have the same number of rows. Then I washed it and it all looks exactly the right size.
The reason I’m saying this is as a caution, if you block before seaming up it may be more important to measure out those pieces to ensure they block at the same length and width. If you block after seaming then the piece is already joined and encouraging the areas into shape and size may be easier simlly because front, back and sleeves are already introduced to each other.
Not sure if I’ve made sense there.

I’m looking forward to seeing a photo of this sweater - how exciting your first sweater!

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Hi, I’ve decided to stitch the sweater together and then block it. Here is a picture of the sweater and the sleeves. Now, is it better to stitch the sleeves to the sweater first and then stitch the sleeves closed or the other way around? Thank you so much for any help! All the best! Michelle

That sweater is terrific! What is the yarn that you used? The colors are lovely.

Since the armholes are closed circles, it’s better to seam the sleeves then set them into the armholes. I pin them in starting with the shoulder at the top, seam at the lower edge. Then pin each side and add more pins if necessary. Make sure the sleeve sits the way you want, no bunching or pulling.

Thank you, it has been a joy and great learning experience! I have sent a picture of the yarn tag. And I will post a picture when I’m done! Thank you and this community for your help! Even if we don’t know each other it is good to know there are people out in the world that get it and share a passion :heart:

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Have you done seaming of knit fabric before?
I would suggest trying it out on any spare swatch first if you haven’t done any before.
There are different ways to seam, mattress stitch is nice it is like magic when it’s pulled together, but there are ways to flat seam too. I’d probably go for mattress stitch. There are videos if this is new to you.

Your knitting looks great.

I find myself thinking like Cap’t. Jack, “but where’s the” neck opening?