Blocking mats waterproof backing

Hello, I’ve already searched this topic but couldn’t see the information I’m looking hence the question.
I’m looking at buying some blocking mats the the KnitIQ ones (I’m in UK) but wish to have some with a waterproof backing. I’ve searched all customer questions on this product and whilst it says waterproof as in the whole mat it doesn’t say they will protect surfaces ie like the cocoknits mats do.

Cocoknits describe as:
“The blocks have a thick backing of waterproof EVA and are suitable for use on any surface since moisture won’t seep through. They’re also heat resistant, and that’s essential if you’re going to steam-block your project.”

To purchase the cocoknits in the UK would be £100 and much as I’d like them I just can’t justify that cost at the moment.

I’d be blocking on my dining table or bed upstairs so the waterproof back would be an essential for me really.

Many thanks

While the mats themselves are waterproof, I don’t think I’d trust the joins between blocks to be the same. Are you steam blocking or washing then blocking? I usually wash then remove most of the water so that the knit item is only damp, not soaking wet.
Would a large plastic sheet under the mats keep surfaces dry for your uses?

If I were to buy mats again the one thing I would like is the one inch grid on each mat.


I’d suggest using a plastic sheet like salmonmac said.
You can get very large plastic table cloth from a “pound” shop (land, world, stretcher, etc) or a supermarket. I have a dinosaur one, a birthday one and a Xmas one, they are really big and cost about £1 or £2 only. Much more cost effective than waterproof blocking mats. They fold up really small and take up almost no space for storage too.

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So simple an idea and it never crossed my mind :flushed:. I need to learn to think outside the box a bit.

Thank you all

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When my little one was a baby I spent hours searching for and almost ordering a cot sheet with a cotton upper and waterproof backing at a cost of around £50 per sheet… I then saw king size mattress protectors in a pound shop and realised I could buy one and cut it up to go under the cotton cot sheets I already owned.
Works exactly the same for a fraction of the cost.
Sometimes we can just get too focused on looking for a particular thing can’t we? I’m sure we all do it.

The party section is a good place to look for table cloths.

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I’m in the UK. I bought something like this

They’re light, waterproof, portable, easy to stick pins in etc. I usually put them on the carpet in the corner of the room, or even prop them up vertically when the item is pinned. A group of four interlocked mats props up quite well!
I don’t put sopping wet projects on them so seeping of moisture between joins is not a problem but you could always lay a towel over them if you need to block wetter stuff. I got mine from Amazon. They’re pretty generous in size - I can get a blanket on a group of 8.
I’m pleased with mine and I see I got them in 2014 so they’re pretty durable too!

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Here they are in action!