Blocking Lace

Need some opinions…Ive never blocked anything before.

I just finished Traveling Vines

There are instructions on blocking in the pattern, but Im not sure about them…it says to weave the ends in BEFORE soaking. Now…I know yarn “blooms” when ya soak it…

SO, wouldnt it make sense to weave the ends in AFTER blocking, when they are at their poofiest? Mightn’t they pop out while stretching?

I have a feeling Im gonna have to strip down the bed in my guest room & pin the thing to the mattress, LONG-ways!

I cant wait til this blocking business is OVAH so I can model for ya!

Possibly, but I weave them in before it blooms. When the yarn puffs up, it helps lock those ends in. Besides, you’re not going to stretch it too much. Lace is delicate stuff! :slight_smile:

If the yarn is going to bloom, wouldn’t you want it to bloom after you’ve woven them in? I’d think they’d be more secure that way. Kind of swollen in place.

See? Confusion! The pattern says stretch TIGHTLY! Plus, this is not delicate yarn…Its tape yarn, probably worsted weight - 105yds/50grams.

I think that if you wait, you’ll have puckers and then you’ll just have to block it again. I would weave them in, leave a little yarn hanging on the end, then block and trim after you have it pinned down. Opinions?

That sounds like a good compromise! Thanks!