Blocking does not want to work apparently

I’m finishing up a baby poncho for a Christmas present and am using Bernat Baby Coordinates Sweet Stripes (Strawberry Stripes!). The pattern is here:

I’m looking over the care instructions on the back and all I’ve got is that I can dry clean this, that I can machine wash this in warm (I’m going to specify gentle, of course), and that I can machine dry it. The packaging of course does not say I can’t iron is…but by checking the website, it says I can NOT iron this yarn (see here:

I’m going crazy. I’ve blocked this twice. And the edges STILL want to curl in. It’s stockinette stitch with a knitted border (the typical three stitches at the beginning and and end of a row, plus beginning and ending the project with 3 rows of knit stitches – I thought this ensures it won’t curl).

So now, I’ve got a retarded looking poncho that I’m supposed to give as a gift in two days. I feel lost. I’ve been misting it with water until wet, then pinning. What am I doing wrong???

(PS: I just noticed according to their yarn site this yarn says NOT to dry clean it?? ARGH! Why doesn’t the packaging match what they say on the website?!? Not helpful at ALL!)

For the content of that yarn, I think I’d wash it gently in the washer and then put it into the dryer until it’s just still a little damp. Then lay it flat and give the edgings a little tug to stretch them flat. If they don’t want to stay that way, pin them until its competely dry.

Yep, it’s acrylic and won’t block like wool, and you don’t want to iron it either. Try Ingrid’s suggestion and see how that works. I’m thinking you needed a couplethree more stitches for the garter borders.

Yeah, the couple three more stitches would have helped…Except of course the pattern didn’t call for them. :smiley: Lol…

I’ll give Ingrid’s suggestion a try!

I just wanted to let you know that I washed it and dried til damp as suggested and it worked MUCH better.

I have sewed more scarfs in to tubes because of curling!! I finally taught myself to cable, and no more curling edges. I know that does not help the current problem, but it is something to keep in mind for the next! And the added bonus is people assume you are a much more advanced knitter!!