Blocking bamboo yarn

I have not yet come cross any mention of how to block bamboo yarn. Does one use the technique as for a natural fibre (such as wool) or man made (such as acrylic, etc.)

Any suggestions? I have just made a baby sweater out of lovely bamboo silky type yarn. I spritzed it and pinned it out but do not intend to put any iron near it!! Though the bands seem to have curled a bit and I may have to rethink this.


I bought a couple of skeins of 100% bamboo yarn and had planned on socks, but the yarn is too limp for that. I ended up making the Branching Out scarf with it and it is wonderfully soft. I tried blocking it the way I do wool by soaking it and pinning it out to dry and it was just as limp when unpinned as when I started.
I don’t know if there is a successful way to block bamboo.