Blocking and crocheting a border on a garter rib blanket


I’m knitting my first baby blanket and it’s a garter rib that the pattern specifies needs to be blocked at the end. I’ve read a bit on how to block and I found a note that said not to weave in the loose threads until after I’ve blocked. I wanted to single crochet a border on the blanket as well.

What I’m wondering is which order should I do this in? Block, crochet border, and then tuck away loose threads? Or crochet first and then block?

Another question is that I’ve used different colored yarns to make stripes in the blanket - they’re all the same type, but I noticed that the different colors feel different - yarn in deeper colors feels thicker. Will blocking make these differences more or less obvious?

Thanks for any and all help!

Mudd :x:

Hi, welcome to Knitting Help. Your blanket sounds lovely. What kind of yarn did you use, wool, wool blend, synthetic? If you used acrylic yarn, you won’t need to block it.

It’s 100% wool, which I’ve read blocks well?

Welcome to Knitting Help!
Good idea to block wool. I always weave in ends before blocking and I’d add the crocheted border too, then block. You can pin the blanket out to the correct size (pin the blanket edge and the border), spritz it well with water and leave to dry completely (and then add on another 24hrs). Finally, if you’d like, we’d love to see a photo of the finished blanket.

Thank you for the welcome and advice! I’ll post a picture of the blanket when I’m done :slight_smile: