Blocking Alpaca

Last night, I finished my first scarf. I used Plymouth Baby Grande Alpaca and no pattern (aren’t I brave?!). I did
K20 for four rows, then
K4, P4, K4, P4, K4;
K8, P4, K8
until I was close to the end of my yarn and then finished it off with another four rows of garter.
It is lovey, but wants to curl up on itself instead of laying nicely flat, and I know it needs to be blocked. I’m scared!! What is going to happen when I put this in water?? Please give me some blocking tips to keep me from ruining my beyoootiful FO!

I’ve blocked two alpaca scarves by spritzing them with water, then steaming them (but not ironing!) with my iron, then pinning them to a towel to dry. Worked great for me. :thumbsup: