Blocking acrylic yarn

I use red heart super saver yarn. I also have some made from super chunky yarn. I have regular scarves and circular scarves. Do I need to block them? If so, how?

lion brand says: Acrylic yarn, or yarn that has a high acrylic content, does not usually block well. The best way to block acrylic is to throw your project in the washer and dryer, following label directions, which will help even out tension." (

but others, including the following link, say “Acrylic CAN be blocked! In fact, it should be blocked. From my observations, I would say someone along the line made an acrylic sweater, blanket, or whatnot, blocked it in their usual ‘wet blocking’ manner and it didn’t work. Therefore, acrylic doesn’t block-warn everybody. No, it can be blocked. You’re just doing it wrong.” (hint, she advocates for steam blocking -

hope that helps… :wink:


One reason I will use acrylic yarn is to skip the blocking altogether. IME it usually isn’t necessary. That said, I have used steam on acrylic pieces and thought it helped with evening out stitches and generally making it look better. Would I have had the same result in the dryer? I don’t know.

Right now I have some pieces made of Shetland Chunky, a high acrylic content mixed with wool. The label says to dry flat so I am. I’ve always had a problem with shaping a piece made of acrylic when I laid it out to dry. The less water left in it the easier it is. The washing machine I use now really extracts a lot of water but since it’s a front loader is quite gentle. That helps too. Agitation in an upright will distort the shape more and that may explain part of my problems with getting a good shape when I laid a piece out flat. :shrug:

You could wash your pieces and block them and see how they turn out. If you steam them be very, very careful as you can kill the yarn. This video is about blocking a crocheted piece but I found it very helpful.

One last thought for now: It just occurred to me that an acrylic piece partially dried in the dryer then laid out and shaped while warm and moist might really give a good result.