Blocking a wool/acrylic blend?

Can you block an item knit with a wool/acrylic blend yarn? I’m using Patons Decor for Starsky and it NEEDS blocking but I’m anxious that the acrylic content will make it un-blockable. I remember that some of you who participated in ‘The Amy Project’ blocked your squares…how did that work out? The yarn I’m using is the same fiber content as the Plymouth Encore we used for that afghan. I need some reassurance that I haven’t gone to all this work for nothing :shock: .

I realize that if I am able to block it, it might not STAY blocked, but if I have to do it after every washing I don’t care as long as it ends up wearable.

You can do pretty much what you want with it. You can try to wet it and block it, but as you said, you may have to do this every time. Acrylic tends to stretch when wet and shrink back to size in the dryer, so maybe you can wash it and dry it partially and then block it. The wool content may keep it from stretching too much, though. I wash and dry my Encore things and they do come out looking better than they went in.

What needs fixing on it?

It doesn’t need fixing, it’s just that the rib/cable combination pulls the fabric in A LOT and blocking would make it look a lot nicer.

I have a cabled cardigan made out of Encore and was able to block it out just fine. Of course when I threw it in the washer and dryer it contracted again, but I think it I had pulled it out while damper and stretched/pinned it back out it would have stayed.

When I use wool ease I dunk it in water and let it soak for 15 minutes or so. THen I ring it gently in a towel and then pin it to the towel on the floor all shaped the way I want it. I come back the next day and volia!

Thank you everbody for sharing your experience. I’ll just keep on knitting! :XX:

You can always avoid the dryer and just let it dry flat in front of a fan. It will prolong its life, too. :slight_smile: