Blocking a mitered square

I’m knitting the mitered square blanket from Mason Dixon Knitting, and it says to lightly block my squares. But it doesn’t say to what dimentions. Is there a rule of thumb when blocking without specific measurements? If I know my gauge, can I figure it out from there? Can you tell that I’ve never blocked something before? It’s rather intimidating!

The pattern should tell you what the final dimensions are supposed to be. :??

That’s what I thought! The only thing it says about size is the gauge and how many blocks to make. If I just block them all to the same size without distorting the knitting will it piece together ok? Ugh. Maybe I should have just stuck to scarves!

Block to the gauge specified, if you want to match the book. So if they said gauge=8 spi, and each square were 32 stitches wide, you’d block a square to 4 inches.
Or you could block to the gauge that you think makes the stitches look best.
Or you could block to the size that would give you a finished blanket of your desired size.