Blocking a finished sweater.


I have just finished knitting my granddaughter a sweater with a pattern I have never worked before. It is basically 4 squares that need to be blocked, the sweater constructed, and blocked again. I understand why this particular pattern calls for the pieces to be blocked before sewing together. My question is should that be a general rule? That you block your pieces before you put them together? I have always put them together and then blocked. I’d love some feedback and you’re opinion. I’m


One reason I prefer to knit sweaters in pieces rather than seamless is because of the ease of blocking the individual pieces. I usually don’t re-block the finished garment.


Amy Herzog is my guru of sweater knitting and this is her tutorial on blocking.


I always block my pieces before seaming. It makes it easier to seam and I’m more certain I haven’t accidentally misaligned something. I would say this is a pretty standard practice. Every pattern I’ve knit says to block the pieces. What I don’t do is block after seaming.