Blocking a baby sweater

What is the best method for blocking a baby sweater?

Usually all you need to do is wash and dry it. If it’s cotton, acrylic or superwash wool, dry it in the dryer, though just till damp dry. If it’s regular wool, let it dry flat.

Looking at my first baby sweaterback and I’m not real pleased with some of the bumps created by uneven stitches. The yarn is a DK 80% bamboo 20% wool. Will blocking even out some of those stitches or should I rip and start again.

Yes, even just washing (which may all you need to do for most items) will even out the sts a lot. Try that when you’re done and you should see an improvement.

The baby sweater I’m just finishing is acrylic Lion brand superbulky yarn. Do I need to pin it down or just wash it as you said? This sweater has a hood, so I’m curious how you would block that part of it, if the rest of the sweater lies flat to dry?

Since it’s acrylic, you can just wash and dry. If it were wool, you could pin the sweater out flat and stuff a towel into the hood (or for a small baby sweater, maybe a few washcloths). The hood will dry around the towels rather than be pinned down.

Just wash and dry an acrylic item, they’re fine to go in the dryer, but only leave it in until it’s just dry, not really really dry and hot.