Block Party

Since I love a spotless house and spend all my time cleaning :— I purchased a Scunci Steam Cleaner. Knowing that my house will be clean and disenfected without the use of harsh chemicals has made the $50.00 purchase very worthwhile :— My bathrooms and kitchen will sparkle! :—


I have one…and just saw a lady do some blocking with hers on Knitty Gritty and forgot about it…I think that I will give it a go with blocking…mine is small & I don’t use it for cleaning anymore bc it has to be changed too often…but would be perfection for blocking!!
Debbie…thanks for the info :happydance: :happydance: :thumbsup:

ooh, another reason to get one (my DH really wants it, as well!)

thanks for posting, D!

I’m glad you’re making GOOD use of your tools! :rofling: I have a steamer in the basement that I bought for cleaning. HA. Since my house isn’t covered with meltable grease, I found it rather useless. I’ll have to resurrect it!

ummmmm… I saw it used on Knitty Gritty … and ummmmm … I really wanted one … and ummmmm… I haven’t and don’t plan to use it for anything else … ummmmmmm but don’t tell anyone.

hummmm :?? More yarn or the steamer? Decisions, decisions.

Both! Groceries and mortgages are highly overrated anyway :wink:

Both! Groceries and mortgages are highly overrated anyway ;)[/quote]
:roflhard: :rofling: :roflhard: :rofling:

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

Eh, groceries and rent/mortgages are a given… there’s always room for yarn!
I have a steamer too… LOVE it! And now I have seen another use for it!