Block letters on knitter's graph paper?

A friend has asked me to help him design a simple first project. He wants to make a scarf with his daughter’s name in it (in purl, on a background of stockinette).

I am trying to help by writing a pattern for him. It would have a garter stitch border at each end, and then 5 sts of garter on the sides, and the name vertically in the middle.

Anyone know of a source of block printing on knitters’ graph paper? I’m trying to map out the letters but I’m not happy with how they look. Her name is Story by the way.

I am not sure how the project is going to look or work - it’s being knit in Sugar and Cream! :slight_smile: But we’ll give it a whirl. He’s vegan so no animal fibers - and I just happened to have this yarn. I tried to get him started on Grandma’s dishcloth but this appealed more.

Well, I think I made the block letters ok… I hope the design will come out visible. Does anyone see a glaring error in my logic of trying to make visible words out of purl sts on a stockinette background?

It won’t be a really obvious design feature like it would in a different color, but it will show up if you hold it out. She’ll know it’s there which is the most important part. :thumbsup:

I have never heard of knitters graph paper…I always use my husbands engineering paper when I do projects where I need to add something. I googled “knitters graph paper” and I come up with a ton of different sites. Is there a specific site or source you use?
I have done designs in purl on stockinette background for blanket squares and dishcloths and the effect is subtle and I think it tends to be more obvious on a lighter color and of course much less obvious (almost invisible) with varigated.
Good luck !

The boxes for knitter’s graph paper are a little flatter than regular graph paper. There are several sites where you can print it.

I’ve found that working garter stitch on a stockinette background allows the knitting to lie flatter than working reverse stockinette for the letters. If you don’t like the way yours comes out, try that.

Jan - that’s awesome. Thank you for the sites I will have to bookmark them !