Block a garment

Some says blocking is very important, some says it’s not a Big deal, so do you actually block each n everyone of them? With some kind of special wool liquid?

The yarns I bought stated machine washable - does it mean I can use detergent, color bleach and spinning in the washing machine? How about delicate spin on the dryer? Or should I hang flat for dry?

What to do with kiddos split of food or milk or juice…it’s so common, but what should I do?

Any of your contribution is very much appreciated

Thank you very much

Just washing and drying is all you need to do with nearly all knit items; there’s different degrees of blocking and stretching and pinning is usually only needed for lace shawls that are knit with wool. Acrylic can be steamed, but isn’t necessary; the small amount of steam created in the dryer is enough to relax and even out the sts.

I wouldn’t use bleach of any kind, that can weaken the yarn, and some detergents can be harsh, but yes, if it’s machine washable you can put it in the washer and the dryer. That’s all you need to do with yarns like acrylic or superwash wool. SW wool needs to be put in the dryer, it can stretch out a lot if it’s just made wet and laid out flat to dry.

As a general rule, I follow the directions listed on the yarn packaging–just like you would follow washing directions on the tags of clothing.

However, if something I’ve knit is not quite to size or wonky shaped, I will wash and stretch/reshape it and let it dry flat.

I block just about everything because it seems to give a nice finish to any project in addition to opening out lacy stitches. Mostly I’m working with natural fibers here. For acrylics, a wash and dry seem to work although I understand you can block them too.

I am so glad you asked this question. I block everything…mostly because my bottom right corner (the first stitch end) always ends up curved around and not nice and flat and a clean corner like the other side. I have not been washing and then blocking though.

I live in Asia and its my first time in trying to knit because it is a shopping heaven here, most things are cheap, handmade are the luxury.

So, I don’t really know what blocking means although I have been following a few online knitting tutors on their videos n blogs.

So, please help me out more in details:

What exactly do u use at home when u try to block something?
Do you simply mix it with other same color clothings in the machines, and add detergent? Water warmth? Softener? Hand wash? Color bleach? DIsinfectant?

I guess it might sound weired to most of you but when bird & swing flu attached Asia we did add everything possible not the washing procedures …

Again, thank you very much for reading n replying !! Any sharing and advices are very much appreciated !

Blocking can be simply washing an item and laying ti flat to dry, on a towel or other surface large enough to hold it. If you knit a lacy item like a shawl from a wool yarn, you may need to wet/wash it then stretch and pin it out while it drys so the pattern opens up. Most items don’t need more than getting wet, then drying - you can pull an item into the size or shape if you want, then just let it dry.

What you put in the water depends on the fiber - nonwashable wool cannot be washed in the machine and you shouldn’t use harsh detergents. Many people adivse a mild shampoo. Items knit with acrylic yarns can be washed with light weight items like tshirts, and just use a mild detergent - NO Bleach! on anything.