Block a acrylic knitted baby Afghan

I have just completed knitting a 100% acrylic baby Afghan. First I’m not sure if I should hand wash and dry before I try to block it? Second Should I try to wet block or steam block? I have never had to do either. Its Titled “Snow Baby” from a book called weekend baby Afghans to knit or crochet
Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated
Thank you

I use acrylic yarn because it can go in the washer and dryer so I’d put it in the washer then pop it in the dryer. I use fabric softener with acrylics to cut the static from the dryer.

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Thank you I will try that and see how it looks

You’re welcome. For gift giving and the more professional look I might lay it out and smooth it nicely when it’s just damp. We always want things to look their best when they’re presented. I do have the habit of tossing finished acrylic items that will wash and dry into the laundry when they’re done.

I never block 100% acrylic. I machine wash, machine dream. And don’t steam block…I’m too hot and you’ll melt all that lovely work.

Hi GG!!!

I want to know where you lay out your blankets to dry and how long does the drying usually take? I don’t want to lay it on my bed if it’s going to take more than a day!


I’ve done it once or twice with acrylic blankets. I removed them from the dryer when they were still warm and a little damp and smoothed them out on top of my bed. They were small and so close to dry I think it took about a half hour, not much longer than just cooling off really. I’ve dried wool things I’ve washed pinned on my blocking whatchacallems (I use those 18" square interlocking foam things for floors) with a fan blowing on them in a cool room and they dried in a few hours.