Blister Stitch: Faux Dotty Scarf

Hey all,

These directions make no sense to me. How is she switching colors? I am so confused, but this would be a perfect stash buster! It is basically a blister stitch scarf, although I’ve never done a blister stitch. Here are the instructions (it isn’t really a pattern, per se) and a link to it:

“basically you just do 4 rows of a color in stockinette then you switch again to the background color knit as many as you want the size of the blister (i used 3 sts) then at then next st drop stitches till you get to the background color below then pick up and knit through that stitch. this will make it pucker because you are dropping 4 rows but have knit to make it 3. if you want to rotate the “dots” then you just change where you drop the next stitch in the next repeat.”

Thanks! This forum is the greatest.

with slip stitch technique.

Cast on white, make some foundation rows (garter) then switch to a slightly larger needle (1 size up
2 rows of stocking knit.

drop white, pick up color.

K2, slip 1 (white) *K4, slip 1, (end with K2)
next row, work the CC (in purl) and slip the white stitch again, (repeat these 2 row once (4 rows total)

then pick up white and knit 2 rows of white.

next pattern row CC2
k4, slip1 (repeat across row) end with K4
purl the CC2, slip the white…
(2 more rows)

then back to 2 rows of white.

and then on to CC3, (and the same pattern as CC1)

then CC1 (in row pattern of CC2!)

and so on.

slip stitches are a great way to create a complex looking pattern,and still just use 1 yarn per row.

there are LOTS of slip stitch patterns… (I LOVE THEM)

they do play havoc with gauge, and they frequently don’t want to lie flat (they have a corregated texture… and won’t block to a flat fabric… but that is part of their beauty… you get texture and color!)

On my blog, i have the directions for tri color linen stitch… IT LOOKS hard, but its easy as pie!

this same pattern is used in Mason Dixon’s book for a wash cloth and they call it the Ball band pattern (since they found it on a cotton yarn ball band!)–but its more commonly called a brick pattern.

OK, the part that confuses me is :“pick up and knit through that stitch” what does that mean?! Help!

Here is another way of saying it:

drop next stitch off needle and unravel 4 rows down; insert needle into the front of Color A stitch in 5th row below and knit, [B][U][I]catching the 4 loose strands in stitch[/I][/U][/B]