Bleaching yarn

I was just curious to know if bleaching yarn is possible. Maybe by spraying it on with a spray bottle. I’ve tried searching the net but I can’t find anything there.

If it’s a really bad idea let me know…


What material is the yarn made from? If it is wool, it is definitely a bad idea.

I tried tie bleaching clothes when I was 14/15, bleach can stain things a yellowy colour, and also degrade the thread of the item being bleached - depends what it’s made from I suppose but it wont wear as well. Suppose it’s like the time I over bleached my hair - my hair felt really dry and broke easily

Acrylic yarn,I have a ton of it. I love varigated yarn and want to liven up some solid colored yarn.

Sorry took so long to get back to your response.


from what i remember dyeing acrylic can only be done with some pretty dangerous dyes … so i don’t think bleaching would do much

if you’ve got a ton of it you could take a few yards and try i guess but i don’t think you would get good results if any