i am trying to make 2 blankets one is 30’‘x36 and the other one is 36’‘x40’’. the first pattern i want to do for 30’‘x36’’ is Called Plain Diamonds and the pattern says multiples of 9 then the patter so how many stitChes do i have to Cast on for the 30’‘x36’’.

Now the 36’‘x40’’ i want do to a pattern Called Close CheCks so the patterns says Multiple of 6 sts +3 so how many stitChes do i have to Cast on. i am doing these blanket’s for projeCt linus.

i would be thankful if any one Could help me with this problem thank you from melissa

How many stitches to cast on depends on how many sts/inch you get, so you need to cast on a sample of about 24 sts and work for a couple three inches. Multiply the sts/inch times 30" and adjust the number up or down so it divides evenly by 9. Same thing for the other one - multiply your sts/inch by 36" then adjust up or down so it divides evenly by 6 then add 3 stitches.


And… if you want an edge on the pattern, you may want to add more sts so you can have 4 or 5 sts at the beginning and end of the row.

And you should have an edge if there are large sections of stockinette stitch. Stockinette curls naturally so you’ll want a seed stitch or garter stitch type edge…something that doesn’t curl Usually and edge of 5 or 6 stitches (each side) will work and 5 or 6 rows on the bottom and top.

i still Confueds about how many stitChes to Cast on

You have to plan it out. First figure out how many sts/inch you have. The how many border stitches (beginning and end of the row) you will need so the edges lie flat. Take your sts/inch times 30 for the one, and adjust the st number down so it can be divided by 9, then add 10 or 12 sts to that number to allow for an edge of 5 or 6 sts. For the 36" blanket, multiply the sts/inch times 36 and adjust the sts down so it can be divided by 6, then add 3 and also add the 10 or 12 sts for the border. We can’t tell you exactly how many sts because it depends on how you knit and how wide you want a border around the blanket to keep it from curling.


we all can not tell you, how many stitches you have to cast on. That majorly depends on how thick your yarn is, what needles you use and how tight you knit.

to find out about this there is the “trick” people told you above:

you cast on some stitches. Use the yarn and needles you want to work with. I would like 20 stitches for a sample like this (do 2 side stitches (just knit for example) one on each side - so you can do your pattern well (two times nine + 2 side stitches). Then you knit in your pattern for a bit. Do not cast off or cut the yarn. you will rip this out again (I tend to do that).

Now take a measuring tape. lay your sample flat, don’t stretch it.

now measure (not from the edge but maybe 2 stitches in) and count the stitches that you see within 1 inch above your tape measure.

the count comes out much better if you measure something like 4 inches and count those stitches. Less “fractional” stitches.

Now you know how many stitches you make per inch. (if you measured and counted for more than 1 inch: devide the number of stitches by the number of inches)

you know how many inches you want your blanket wide: 30 inches.

now you also know how many stitches you have per inch, lets say: 10.

then you multiply 30 inches with 10 stitches/inch and end up with 300 stitches. Now that would make 33 and 1/3 pattern repeats, if you do no border to the blanket (advisable to have a border, really)

so you find out how many stitches you want, really. if you do 297 then you have 33 repeats. if you do 306 you have 34 repeats and so on.

But THESE numbers are just an example. You need you swatch first and you need to do the math yourself (or have us help).

if you had 15 stitches to the inch you would have 450 stitches total, if you had 8 stitches to the inch only you would have 240 stitches. it really depends.

for the length of that blanket you CAN do the same: measure your swatch (not the stitches on the needle or the cast on or a cast off) and multiply. But if you want to just knit the thing in the same pattern that is not necessary. You can just keep on knitting and checking the size. When you are getting close you can work the last repeat (and maybe a borderline) and finish.

ONE important advice: when you do the math and start… take a break after a few rows of such a big project and check your total. You would not be the first to go very wrong because of a mistake in multiplication or counting. If you come out approx. right: go ahead.

with a project like this and being tied to repeats of 9 stitches you will never get the sice to the milimeter right. But you won’t need to with a blanket, right?

Have fun with your big projects!

i am not doing st st

so if i do 45stitCh x 30’’=1350 then i dived it by 9 then i get 150 so do i Cast on 150 stitChed

Can someone answer the question above please i need a answer please


There’s no need to shout. I had to go to work, other people are busy or in different time zones. Besides you have incomplete information below.

45stitCh x 30’’=1350 then i dived it by 9 then i get 150 so do i Cast on 150 stitChed

How many inches does the 45 sts measure? You need to know how many per inch. So if you CO 45 sts, you would count how many of them are in one inch.

i am sorry i am really new to makeing my own pattern so

i was trying to say if i did 45 stitChes times 30’’ then i get 1350 so do i dived 1350 dived by 9 i get 150 so do i Cast on 150 stitCh will i get 30’'x36

And I’m saying that’s not right - you’re not getting 45 sts per inch, and the divide by 9 part is so you would get the correct number of sts for your pattern stitch to work out right. In order to get the right number of stitches you need to know how many sts there are in every inch. Then you multiply that times the 30". Go cast on about 20 sts for a sample piece and work for 2-3" and measure how many stitches in each inch. Then come back and tell us what that number is.

You have to knit a swatch first.


I would find an existing pattern, that says it is going to be about the size you want, and is made in yarn like you plan to use, and cast on as many as that one says to cast on, using the needles the pattern recommends…close enough to get your repeat of 9, plus an edge. The truth is, on a baby blanket, the precise size isn’t that important. People just wrap it around the baby anyway. Jump in and go for it.

I don’t quite get the pressure here.
we are all trying to help you. Just have patience. Nobody is cloned into the forum for 24/7 availability. We happen to have lives outside the internet.

OK. This is what you do:

[B]knit a swatch. [/B]make 20 stitches cast on.
then knit one border stitch on each side as you go(knit in every row RS and WS) between the border sticht knit your pattern. do a ful repeat.

[B]measure the swatch.[/B]

mark one stitch that is not a boder stitch (for example poke a pin into it or a tooth pick or something). measure 1 inch to the side from that. mark that stitch.
count the amount of stitches that are within one inch.

[B]do the math:[/B]

you have 30 inches to make. you know how many stitches will turn out to be one inch.
multiply that amount of stitches that you counted within one inch by the 30 inches you want to come out with.

THIS is your number of stitches.

[B]comes your pattern[/B]

for your pattern you need a multiple of 9 stitches.

so look at the number you calculated and find out what the closest number is to that that is devisible by 9.

THIS is your number of stitches for cast on.

DO not try to devide any amount of calculated stitches by 9 (because of your pattern). the cast on is the stitches you need, that number has to be [B]devisible not devided [/B]by 9.

When you did about 2 inches of hight in your piece: check if it really measures 30 inches. Just to double check on yourself.

IF you have trouble counting your stitches: can you take a photo of your swatch? It needs to lie flat and there needs to be a tape measure parallel to a line that is knit so we can see how long an inch is in the pic.
if the stitches are countable, there is no big problem in helping you from over here.

there is no way you will have a yarn making 45 stitches to the inch. In metric that would be about a half milimeter for every stitch. I have never seen handknitted stuff that tiny. And for a blanket project: NO way ever.

BUT: without a swatch NO ONE of us would make a blanket with a given size. Use the exact yarn and needles you will use later. Knit the pattern as well since some patterns expand and some contract.

it will all work out if you do the job that you need to do.

if there is anything unclear, I do help you on. But I would ask you to put your questions into clear words and describe what you already did and what you found out!