Blanket Question

Hi all,
I just began a baby blanket. There is something in the first few rows that I am missing.

I cast on 182 stitches and worked in seed stitch as directed. The pattern then says:
“Now set matterns as follows"
Now keeping the first 8 stis and last 8 sts in Seet st as set, work Side and Center Panels as follows:
Row 1(right side): K2,[p12, k2] twice, k1, PM (these 31 stitches form side panel),
p4, [k1, p4, yo, k1,yrn,p4] 10times, PM
(These center sts form ceter panel)
k3,[p12, k2] twice, PM (these last 31 sts form other side panel-202 stitches”

What am I missing…I started with only 182 stitches how is it I am to work as many as 202 stitches?

It’s all in the yarn overs:
[k1, p4, [U]yo[/U], k1[U],[I]yrn[/I],[/U]p4] 10times
Each of the yarn overs will create an extra st. Since you have 2 within the brackets and the brackets are repeated 10 times, that’s 20 extra sts or 202sts. Both the typical yo is a yarn over and the yrn between the the knit and purl sts is a yarn over which will create a stitch.
Sounds like a pretty pattern.

That’s what I thought but when I start with 182 stitches then begin with the 8 sts in seed st. then complete the row as I showed I don’t have enough sts before the increases to complete the row.

Take a look at the yo video under the Free Videos tab, Increases to make sure that you’re doing the yo correctly. It occurs[I] between[/I] sts and doesn’t use one of your sts. The same for the yrn which involves bringing the yarn to the front between the needles, then over the right needle and around to the front again for the purl sts.
The sts you gave add up to 182sts so it should all be ok.

A yo is only wrapping a stitch around the needle, you don’t knit one too. So just wrap the yarn, k1, and wrap the yarn and p4.

hmmm that all makes sense. I will have to go back again and see what I did. I was sure I did the yo right so maybe I miss counted sets. Thanks!

It may help to mark off the border sts, the 31st panels and the center repeats with st markers or loops of yarn. It’s easy to lose track of sts or repeats when you’re working with so many sts on the needles. Good luck with the blanket!

Sometimes YOs are done as an increase. Sometimes they’re done as a lace stitch. That’s the case with this one. If you check your next row, you’re probably going to do a decrease where the YOs are to compensate for that and get the stitch count back to where it originally was. Just divide this out with markers, as the other posters said. Take it one section at a time and trust the pattern. A lot of time you won’t see the pattern emerging until you’ve knit a few inches of work. Then it will be beautiful.