Blackberry stitch

How to decrease blackberry stitch on raglan sleeve 12 stitches so 3 blackberry either side but mirror image can decrease on side where you knit 2 slip one pass slip stitch over but getting confused on other side where you knit 2 together knit two
Seem not to be able to stop increasing and get odd stitches each side

The best thing to do may be to keep the raglans in stockinette stitch. It means that you will have to give up working the blackberry at the raglan before it’s needed for the decrease. In other words, don’t start that edge blackberry if you know you won’t be able to complete it, that is, if one of the stitches will be needed for a decrease within the next couple of rows.

Decided to go for four stitches and as you said stocking stitch as soon as they go into decreasing so sorted but it’s not easy now doing the same with pattern
Think knitting pattens could help but it’s a retro pattern so it’s taken you know

Wish I could get advice from someone who is well versed

Thank you for your advice

Patty Lyons has lots of experience with knitting solutions. She recommends keeping to the pattern as long as you can. With blackberry stitch, that’s not easy to do since it’s usually a 3 stitch repeat.

Is this similar to the method you’re using?

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Are you using some markers or yarn loops for the 4 stitch repeat? I never understood how helpful markers can be when I first started knitting and now I use them all the time.
If you can see where your 4 stitch repeat is on the main body of the fabric, you could work out from there marking the 4 stitches and this may help you to see where the 4 stitch repeat happens to keep the blackberries in place and also to see where you need to stop doing the blackberry ahead of a decrease row.
I know what it’s like to be happily following a line of instruction from edge to edge and suddenly the edge is gone due to decreaees - markers really help to show where an imaginary ‘edge’ is for the pattern repeat to start.

Do keep asking if you are still not sure about your pattern because people here are very willing to keep helping.
You could post a photo of your knitting if you are still stuck.