Blackberry Ridge Woolen Mill - Review

Hi all. Just wanted to post a few thoughts on Blackberry Ridge Mill. I ordered a bunch of their medium weight wool, as well as the kit for the Legend of the Shetland Seas shawl.

Customer service over the phone was excellent and polite. My order came quite quickly, and everything was accurately packed. A very clear receipt was also included. My only, very minor, complaint was that the pattern for the kit was a little wrinkled. No biggie.

As for the yarn - I’m quite pleased. I’m an obsessive longie knitter, since I cloth diaper my baby. Even if I didn’t cloth diaper her, I think I would just love longies, because they’re so warm and cuddly. The medium wool came in a variety of plain colors and hand dyed shades. I can see why so many WAHM’s use this for their longies.

The lace weight wool that came in the kit was also lovely. Quite soft, and I look forward to seeing it blocked into this shawl:

We have yet to see how my sanity holds up after making this shawl. :slight_smile:

Well, that’s all on Blackberry Ridge. Please do order from them. The variety of yarns they sell is marvelous, and it’s nice to support an American wool mill.


Good to know. Thanks :thumbsup:

Those look like great colors and nice yarn. I never heard of them.

The yarn I use for my handpainted sock yarn comes from them. Very soft!

For the price, and the softness of the wool, I consider the put up (250 yds per skein) to be quite generous, too.