Bit of a general question about cardigan knitting

[COLOR=“Sienna”][FONT=“Garamond”]Hi, I think I’ve been a little over-ambitious in my keen-ness for knitting! I purchased 9-10 balls of 100% silk yarn as my favourite yarn store Colinettes, is closing down and it’s £15 a ball, no where else have I seen silk yarn that cheap, and it’s beautifully hand dyed too. So now I have all this beautiful yarn, plus a pattern book for a lovely little traditional looking cardigan with a small buttonhole border, stocking stitch main shape and ribbed bottom.
I really would love to make but, I’m a self taught knitter, I’ve made a scarf and bag. That’s about it (although I can crochet fairly well). I’m self taught too, with no help around as no one I know knits but me. :knitting:
The pattern sounds okay, as you can look up any stitch I may have forgotten like p2tog tbl, on youtube, as I have done in the past to knit a patterned square or two, the troublesome part may be the joining, how do you do that with a cardigan? My pattern puts left front, right front and the back on holders and then joins it together by saying to “join shoulder seams”- so at that point do you sew them? Also where it says to take work off the holders, it says things like slip the 10 stitches off and knit 26 up the right side of the neck is that because you would knit onto the next holder to join those stitches together, or more probably pick up the stitches at the side of the garment and knit into those? Maybe it would become apparent if I made the pieces and looked at how it joins up.
Anyway thank you very much for any advice you can offer, :muah: plus personal experience you can share if you’ve ever made anything like this.

Congrats on the bargain silk yarn. That sounds like a wonderful buy.
If you have the shoulder seams on holders, one of the nicest, neatest bind offs is the 3-needle bind off.

Usually, patterns ask you to pick up (the same as pick up and knit) sts along an edge, then knit the stitches off the holder. The directions may continue with picking up sts along the opposite edge. That’ll likely be clearer when you have the joined pieces in front of you. There are videos too for picking up sts for the neckband.

You can always ask in case you run into questions as you work along.

Thanks sal, your right, persistence has always paid off for me in knitting or crochet, as does a little logic! If your really keen to do something, there’s certainly no harm getting started and then reaching out if you ever get really stuck.
There’s noticeboards in my local supermarkets, and people put allsorts of second hand items, tuitions events etc. up, and worst comes to the worst, I’ve always thought I could put up an ad asking for a teacher!
Anyways thank you for the time you share to reply. :thumbsup: