Birthday Yarn Package! (UPDATE!)

Hey everyone! Today I got my 21st birthday package from my grandma (Yes, I’m a college student but my grandma is so sweet and still sends me a huge package in the mail - we’re really close and she’s the nicest grandma ever).

Well she had asked what I wanted and I gave her a huuuuge list of yarns I like that they sell at my LYS and just that I especially like purples, greens, and blues - well she went there and had such a great time with all my friends there! So cool! I had given her such a large list of options that I knew I’d still be really surprised when she got me anything. But seriously guys, she couldn’t have picked out better yarn for me if I had been there with her! It’s the best yarn package ever! Check out the loot:

This is basically my favorite yarn ever, in my favorite colorway! The people at the LYS must have rememebered this is my favorite colorway, or my grandma is an amazing guesser - I’m working on a lace scarf out of this same yarn, and I also knit my first pair of Monkey socks and gave them away to this amazing lady. But ever since I knit up Monkey socks with this, I’ve wanted to make a pair for myself… teehee! Now I can!

Oh yes, she got me Noro Kureyon Sock yarn… I WANTED IT SOOO BAD! Once again, I don’t know how she got it sooo spot on, but here we are! :smiley: Love it!

They must have just started carrying this yarn (like, in the past two weeks since I’ve been here) because they’ve never had Lion Brand yarn before. But this is actually a really soft nice wool! I looooooove it, too, and it’s a beautiful color!

So that’s what my grandma got for me! She did the BEST job picking it out, and it’s just sweet and thoughtful she went to all this trouble for me.

I’ve never drank before (even a sip) but my 21st birthday will be spent drinking my first glass of Merlot and knitting with friends. Can’t think of anything more incredible! :knitting:


ETA: UPDATE!!! Two days later I got another package in the mail and wondered what it could be. So from that very same Grandma (who is on a fixed income, and doesn’t own any shares of Microsoft that I’m aware of…) got me MORE YARN!!! Her note was so sweet and said that a girl only turns 21 once, and it’s just a really big occasion. She can’t share it with me and wanted to show her love in the best way… yarn! lol She knows me so well! So I got two skeins of purple Lion Wool, two of blue Lion wool, and two purple Vanna’s Choice (sooo soft!)

It’s not about the yarn, even though that’s obviously amazing. I’m just so blessed with thoughtful caring people in my life!!!

What a wonderful package to receive. How lucky you are to have a Gramma who is this thoughtful and knows exactly what you like.

Congrats on your 21st birthday. I hope the day is filled with joy and love and laughter! Happy Birthday!!!

Oh mercy! Grandma is a keeper! Hmmmm, I’m redheaded, too, wonder if she needs another, more mature, granddaughter! LOL!
Great stuff! Love the colors! :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

Yay for your Grandma! :cheering: I hope you enjoy your birthday and your lovely yarn :mrgreen:

:cheering: What a lucky granddaughter you are!:cheering:

Congrats on turning 21! It is one of my favorite milestones in my life.

Your grandmother did a fantastic job! She picked out some amazing yarn.

[B]Happy 21st birthday!![/B] :woohoo:

You’re a very lucky lady to have such a sweet, thoughtful Grandma. Have fun knitting with your new stash, but watch the wine consumption. K’s have a funny way of turning into P’s. :rofl:

Happy Birthday!!! What a wonderful grandma you have and such beautiful yarn she picked out for you!

Happy birthday Rachel… you grandma is so cool. Enjoy your yarn!

Happy birthday! Enjoy your knitting and you new yarn!

Happy birthday! :balloons: That is an awesome birthday yarn package. Your grandma is amazing! It is so special that she went to the store and picked it out for you.

Hope you have a great time knitting with your friends and enjoying your new yarn.

You have a great grandmother and SHE has a great granddaughter! :heart:

Have a wonderful day!!! :hug:

Happy Birthday :slight_smile: What a lovely present

Happy Birthday Rachel!:balloons: Have a great day and enjoy the yarns. (and the Merlot, too). Just don’t knit anything with a complicated pattern. For some reason, drinking and knitting makes for some interesting results the next day! :wink:

How sweet! You have a fabulous Grandma and she obviously loves you very much. Now - what are you going to make her as a thank you??:wink:

Happy Birthday honey! Happy knitting too!–pretty pretty!

Happy Birthday Rachel! :present: Your Grandma did a great job all of those yarns are beautiful!

What a great grandmother! They’re such blessings! Enjoy your yarn - thats always the best gift for a knitter!

Congratulations on your very special birthday Rachel. And what a super Granny you have. I love all your yarn especially the Alpaca. Sounds like the perfect birthday sat chatting with friends and knitting and sipping wine mmmmm lovely xxx

lucky you! happy birthday and have fun knitting up that yarn!