Birthday socks for my son

My son, who is 6’6" has size 13 feet! These things took me forever to knit, but they were still knit in love and I hope he likes them! Oh and btw, we had an absolutely fabo time on our cruise. In fact, so much so, that for my husband’s birthday Oct 10th, I surprised him by booking a western cruise on the same ship for next year!

Great socks. Your son is lucky to be loved that much! I’m so glad you had a good time and next year, again! My son has big feet too (someone said they run in our family) and I’ve yet to undertake knitting socks for him. I’ve intended to make him some and your accomplishment might be just enough inspiration to bump them up on my to knit list.

That is so nice!what a great gift!

Those socks look wonderful. I’m sure your son will appreciate the gift.
So glad you enjoyed the cruise. I hope you got to wear all the lovely knit things that you made. You certainly had the best wordrobe on the ship!

Glad to hear you enjoyed your cruise! The socks are great. I know your son will appreciate them.

Oh, my, I feel your pain… just now knitting a huge pair of socks, each, for my hubby and my son. Gad, what have I gotten myself into? :slight_smile:
Love the colour pattern of the socks. I’m sure your son will love them.
Don’t forget to tell him how to take care of them after all your hard work.

Great colorway you chose! He’ll love them!

He told my dil he didn’t think they would fit. She told him, “You’ll be surprised. They’ll fit perfectly.” I guess he put them on and was amazed they fit and has been walking around with them on in sandals of all things! lol He told her he couldn’t believe how soft and warm they were. I joked with her about hating to knit the second one because the first one took so long because he has such big feet. She thought that was hilarious.

Socks with sandals. Maybe it’s just a Western Washington thing, I see them a lot.

Very well done! I hope they will last him for a long long time.

And I’m glad to hear you enjoyed your cruise, too. So another one, huh? Uh oh, that means more knitting to get ready, right?

Possibly, possibly. I have a sleeveless sweater in mind :0) I could never understand those kooky people who have taken 50-60 cruises, but I do now. We had the best time we have ever had on a vacation.