Birthday Gifts!

Today is my birthday!!! :balloons: So DH gave me a rockin’ laptop for my b-day (and the Addi Click set)and I got a big, fat check from the in-laws… I think I will take my funds to the yarn shop and buy me some yarn… but what to buy? I can’t decide. I’ve been stuck in a rut and buying the same yarns over and over again because they are tried and true.

Any yarn suggestions? I don’t want to buy SUPER expensive yarns. I won’t pay over $20/hank. So what yarns do you like that I should try? And what do you typically knit with it?

Thanks in advance!!

I don’t have any suggestions, but wanted to say

Yarn for sure! :thumbsup:

[COLOR=Magenta]Happy[/COLOR] [COLOR=DeepSkyBlue]Birthday[/COLOR][COLOR=Orange]!!![/COLOR]

Well, there goes my suggestion of Tilli Tomas. Rabbitrescuer found it on sale at Little Knits for under $20, though, and she is so glad she caved to the pressure. :teehee: Tilli Tomas is lovely…simply heavenly!!!

What kind of yarn do you usually buy?

Have you tried bamboo? What about some Mmmmm? I’m knitting up a scarf with Mmmmm worsted…Water Green…and it’s looking so pretty!

Do you ever knit socks? How about some Lorna’s Laces?

Oh, and here’s some yarn that’s one of my favorites…

You can find it [B]here[/B]. I use it to make fingerless gloves.

Hope these suggestions help.

I love ‘Cherry Tree Hill’ & ‘Happy Feet’ for socks. I also like Debbie Bliss Merino for most anything else. That’s just a few I can think of right now:wink:

Happy Birthday! :slight_smile:
I second the Mmmmmalabrigo yarn!

:woot: Happy Birthday!!

I agree Malabrigo or some Misti Alpaca :happydance:


:balloons: Happy Birthday!!

I’m with Dustinac - misti alpaca - they have a bulky that would make the sweetest, softest scarf:heart: YUM! And the last time I treated myself, I went with Noro Silk Garden.

I’ve always wanted to try Hand Maiden’s Sea Silk - pricey (which is why I haven’t tried it), but oh so pretty!

Have fun, and post pics of what you get!

:woot: Happy Birthday to you…Thanks for this thread, I have found some new yarns I’m going to try out. I am too new to Knitting to make any suggestions. I hope you enjoy whatever you choose. Post some pics when your done.

I did not get on here yesterday, so happy late b-day!

I have really wanted to try Malabrigo, Kauni (the rainbow one) and Noro Kureyon I think it is- I have been drooling over some of the projects I have seen!

happy, happy, happy…


I love to browse Knit Picks. Even their priciest yarns return a good value for the investment I’ve found, so it’s a great place to start your quest!

Let us know how it goes!

Many happy returns,
Ruthie :knitting:

Oh, Jeez! I don’t have a computer at home so I didn’t see this message until today but

[COLOR=“Red”]HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!:cheering: :woohoo: [/COLOR]