Bird's eye stitch?

I wanted to make a scarf using the bird’s eye pattern. I cast on 32 stitches, did 2 rows of knit stitch and then started the bird’s eye. I am 3 repeats in and I now have 68 stitches on the needle… I have no idea what happened! I messed up the first repeat a bit, but not that much.

The pattern is here’s%20Eye&numofst=4&stplus=0&rows=4&rplus=0&sym=0

Can anyone help me out? I am using paton’s SWS yarn and it is really hard to frog, so I don’t want to if I don’t have to-- besides that it makes the yarn all fuzzy if I do…

OK, i ve been knitting for years, and it took me a while
(i thought the directions were confusing)

(my comments in blue)

R1–K2 tog, (yo) twice, k2 tog

[color=blue]*K2 tog, (decrease) make 2 yarn overs (double increase), K2tog, (decrease) REPEAT from *[/color]so row 1 is:
[color=red]K2 tog, (yo) twice, k2 tog, K2 tog, (yo) twice, k2 tog, K2 tog, (yo) twice, k2 tog [/color]
[color=blue](is this what you did? or did you miss the 2 K2togs in a row? )[/color]
R2-- K1, (k1, p1) into 2 yo’s of previous row, k1
[color=blue](no increases or decreases)[/color]

R3 K2 *2k tog, (yo) twice, k2 tog ending k2
[color=blue]the same as row 1 really but 'offset 2 stitches[/color]
[color=red]k2, K2 tog, (yo) twice, k2 tog, K2 tog, (yo) twice, k2 tog, K2 tog, (yo) twice, k2 tog, K2[/color]

R4–K2 *k1, (k1, p1) into 2 yo’s of previous row, k1 ending k2
[color=blue]Row 4 is just like row 2, (no increases or decreases) but it, too, is offset 2 sittches.[/color]

Is that what you knit… [color=blue](at first glance, i missed the “pattern” and thought it was K2tog, YO, YO. (end row with knit 2 tog) )[/color]

I think that the part I messed up on (the first repeat), was that I didn’t do the two K2tog’s and only did one… but after that I know I straightened that out.

Aw… that means I do have to frog it… that will take forever. Thanks for your help, I still have trouble with reading patterns.

i have seen that site (knitting fool) before, and i find the directions there hard to read (and i generally don’t have trouble reading directions. (i have designed stitch patterns, and written them!)

to understand, i cut and pasted (i used to re-write or re-type!) any pattern i didn’t understand–i find that is the best way for me to learn.

(meanwhile you should always, always swatch a pattern before you start…

get some cheap cotton (kitchen cotton) and make yourself washclothes, (dish clothes if needs be) or coasters (you can always use more coasters!) and always swatch a pattern in cheap yarn to learn it…

then you don’t have to frog your good yarn!

Well, I have read about swatching, but I thought it was just for a gauge thing, like when making clothing… but I see now why I should have anyway…