Binding off

Happy spring eve-

Quick question on binding off. I am starting to do the arm hole shaping but am confused in terms of how to do This in pattern

Bind off 7 on each of the next two rows:
The pattern for the next two rows starts as follows: (just giving you the first 10-12 stitches of pattern)

Row1: KKKK yo skp kkkkk
Row2: PPPP p2tog yo P yo p2tog PP

How do I stay in pattern or should I K the bind-off in row1 and P in row 2?

Thank you so much for your help.


Yes, knit the bind off at the beginning of the first row and purl at the start of the second row. Just straight knitting and purling without the first yo’s, the skp or the p2tog. On row 2, you’ll have to give up the second yo and the next p2tog because you’ll need to purl 8sts in order to bind off 7. Since you’ll skip the second yo, you should also skip the second p2tog in order to keep the stitch count correct.

Thank you!!!

Binding off is the lifting one stitch over the other, you work the other stitches in pattern, they’re just done one at a time. With a knit purl st combination, if you BO in all knit and all purl sts, it can cause the BO to flare out a little, even just over 7 sts. So try it in pattern first and see how it looks.