Binding off

Although a beginner knitter I know how to bind off, but my problem is when I go to bind off… both stitches want to slide off the needle. Does anyone have any tips on how to avoid or make this easier?


Maybe you could try grabbing the stitch that’s going over the other with a crochet hook as you hold the other in place with your finger? It’s probably more due to the slipperyness of the yarn and needles and a matter of practice that it’s difficult. If the stitches are tight, you could try using a larger needle to bind off with, and try to keep them loose.

I had this problem to but with practice, I got better–I’m still a lot slower at binding off when compared to my actual stitch speed.

Thanks for your help with this. I looked at the Video again & I think I will use the crochet hook bind off … it probably will be easier for me as I’m a long time crocheter. However, with practice I’m sure it will also come easier using the knitting needles. And yes Ingrid, my yarn is slippery & so are the needles I’m using right now!