Binding off [# sts] once

:shrug: I am currently knitting a sweater for my granddaughter. I have reached a problem with the instructions. In shaping the armhole, the pattern reads, "bind off at arm edge [4sts] once, then [3sts] once and finally[2sts] once. I can’t seem to figure out what this means and how to correctly accomplish it. It seems to mean something other than just binding off that number of individual of stitches.

Also, when the instructions read “end on WS” :shrug: (or RS), should I knit the wrong side (or right side) first and then end?

Is this a cardigan? What it sounds like to me is that on the RS, you’ll BO 4 st at the beginning of your row, then work across. You’ll flip and work even across the WS. On the RS again, you’ll BO 3 st at the beginning, then work across. Work even on the WS again. Then finally BO 2 st at the beginning of your RS row. That would make sense if you’re working on a piece that only involved one armhole. What are the instructions right before that?

If you’re ending on the WS, you’ll complete a row on the WS and stop there.

Hope that helps!

:muah: Thank you so much! The instructions just before this read, “Continuing in established Stripe pat, bind off at arm edge…” then what I previously posted. Yes, it is a cardigan, very cute, but my skills are a bit rusty, and I had not encountered this type of instruction before.

I have e-mailed the company which published the pattern also, and will post their reply when I receive it. :muah:

I also just realized that I neglected to mention that this shaping of armhole is on the right front of the sweater. The back shaping had me binding off 4 sts at beg of 2 rows, then 3 sts at beginning of 2 rows and then 2 sts at beg of 2 rows. Will your way match that when the back and fronts are connected? Thank you!

No problem! They have you bind it off that way because it gives more of a curved, rounded shape. Sounds cute! I’d love to see photos when you’re done. :slight_smile:

Check out my last reply. I added to it before I received your last reply. I would love to share the finished product. It may take awhile to complete, though.

Thanks again for your help…

Yes. You bind off each row on the back because you have both armholes on it. On the fronts, there’s only one armhole.


:wall: Thank you again! I have followed your instructions and it worked!

Now I am battling another problem, but have to figure it out before I can even formulate a semi-intelligent question! It involves ripping out a section of work–scary! The stitches seem twisted when I try to get them back on the needle! :wall:

Don’t fret about it. Work the row you’re on slowly and untwist them as you come to them. If you’re careful, they’ll be fine once you’re done.


Thank you again–will do! I appreciate all the help–may need to be in touch again before I’m done…