Binding off some, not all

I am making a “Halfa”, it’s a half of a sweater, from the 2008 Knitting Calendar.

The directions say:

Back & Front:

  1. Cast on 60 stitches.
  2. Work in desired pattern (I chose K1,P1) for 8’’ or desired length.
  3. Use the three needle cast off technique to bind off 15 stitches at the beginning and end of this row.


  1. Plac 60 stitches (30 stitches from front and 30 stitches from back) on a circular needle and work in garter stitch for 6’’.
  2. Cast off.

My question… what the heck does that mean? :??
I have made 1 panel so far, but no idea what to do with it now. Do I make another panel on a separate needle? And what about the tail yarn and where do I get new yarn to keep knitting the neck piece?

I am totally confused by this pattern… probably not a good one for a beginner, but I’m adventurous.

It sounds like you complete one panel, cut the yarn, and then complete another panel. Then, using a 3needle bind off you attached them at the shoulders. Make sure you do this with the right-sides facing. Now you’ll have the two pieces connected at each end with stitches between them. Those are the 30 stitches that are left in the center on the front and back which were left to work the collar.