Binding off on a 3:1 rib

I’m wondering what the protocol for binding off a K3 P1 ribbing pattern is. For my first mitten in the set, I bound off in the same pattern, but I’m noticing that the bind off is curling. Is this normal?

Usually, I would knit the knit stitches and purl the purl stitches while binding off/casting off. I’ve never had it curl though; it may have been tight or flared a little depending on the needle I was using. Maybe your curling problem will resolve itself if you block the ribbing a little bit.

Being a newbie, I need a little more explanation. Thanks!

Blocking helps to define and set the stitches of recently knit item. There are different techniques depending on the object and or type of yarn that was used.

Here are some helpful sites:


to start you off. Good luck.

Well, stockinette curls so the more knit stitches you have in a row it might tend to curl a bit although it really shouldn’t curl much. I am making some fingerless mittens in a 3x1 rib and I notice the slight bend at the knit part.

I would just bind off normally and accept that the edge will be a little “fluttery”. But maybe it’s just me. I’m sorry I don’t know if there is a bind off to prevent this. Maybe you could do a few rows of garter on the edge, that should work.