Binding off in the round

Maybe some of you toe-up sock knitters can help me with this. I am knitting baby booties on dpn’s. The pattern starts at the bottom of the foot and goes up, so I am at the ankle and only have a few more rows to go.

However, I just realized that I don’t know how to bind off while knitting in the round. If I bind off like flat knitting, won’t the last stitch stick up? And how will that last stitch connect to the first bound off stitch? If I just stitch them together, won’t it look uneven and messy?

I just do a regular bind off and to keep the last stitch from sticking up slightly, I weave the ends in a little tighter in that area.

So do you join (sew) the last bound off stitch to the first bound off stitch when you are weaving in the ends (to maintain the circle)? I can’t seem to visualize this!

When you have the last stitch on the needle, cut the yarn a few inches from the stitch, pull the end through and weave in the end.

i recently found this:

I do a little something like that while it’s still on the needles. When I’m at the last stitch, I make a new one by inserting the needle in the first BO stitch, pull the yarn through, then pass the last stitch over it and then cut the yarn and pull the end out. It does make it a lot more even.

:muah: Thank you all so much for your tips and suggestions. I seem to be a visual learner so I think the pictures on the website for the jogless bind off will really help me.

I feel encouraged after reading your posts. I don’t know why binding off makes me so nervous!