Binding off in the round

I’ve bound off using DPN’s before, but I’m never happy with how my very last stitch looks–It’s like it doesn’t join completely and looks unfinished. Can anybody give me a tip?


It is tough to get it to look super nice! When I weave in that last end I pull it through the first stitch and give it a tug to close the opening between the first & last stitch.

Hopefully some one else will have another, better suggestion!

When I BO in the round on circs, when I get to the end, I do another stitch into the first stitch I bound off and then bind that off too. Helps fill in the gap.


Saw Lily Chin do this on Knitty Gritty episode 308 (sounds similar to what Sara does) and I’ve done it ever since: With tail on tapestry needle, insert into first bind-off chain to the left of the first st. Go under both loops of that chain, then insert the tapestry needle back down into last chain (the place where the tail popped out of to begin with). Pull slightly to even this out, then weave in end to the back of work.

But now I have to try Sue’s technique - sounds easier!

I think it’s similar, just one done with the tapestry needle and one done as an extra stitch.


I think you’re right, Sue. The tapestry needle method creates another matching stitch, like swiss darning does, or actually probably closer to the kitchener stitch, since it bridges that gap, just as your extra stitch does. And when I make the final plunge into the last stitch it kind of sucks it down into line with the rest of the row.

I’ll have to try binding off into the first stitch too - that sounds like another great option!

Thanks for sharing ladies! :thumbsup: