Binding off in the middle of a row

my pattern calls for k5 (bind off 10, k8) 5 times. my question is when I do the last bind off, do I use the stitch that’s already on my needle or do I knit the next 2 stitches and make that my first bind off? Clear as mud,right?

Well, it’s sometimes not so clear that the pattern is accounting for the stitch that remains on the right hand needle when they say k8. Usually, adding up the sts helps to answer that. I would take it as written and knit 5, then knit 2sts and bind off. That counts as one stitch bound off. Continue until you’vel lifted 10 sts over (10sts bound off) and then knit 8 more sts. Next, you would again knit 2sts, bind off one etc.
It’ll give you 9sts (that’s counting that one extra stitch on the right needle from the previous bind off) inbetween 10 bound off sts.
See if that adds up correctly to your total number of sts. What is it you’re knitting?

I’m knitting the swiss cheese scarf. You can find it on Ralvery. I did it exactly as you quoted and the amount of stitches at the end were not right.

When I searched rav for Swiss Cheese Scarf I got several and they look to be different patterns. Which one are you doing?

Swiss Cheese Scarf
by Winnie Shih

I think I found it. - scroll down.

CO 110 sts

Row 7: K5 (BO10, K8) 5 times, BO 10, K5
Row 8: K5 (CO10, K8) 5 times, CO 10, K5

I can’t do the math right now. Sorry. With the info easy to see here, I think someone else can help you sort it out.


Thanks GG for the sleuthing.
Yes, so the pattern [I]is[/I] counting the stitch left after the bind off as one of the K8 sts in the repeat and as one of the final K5sts. Do the same thing you just did, bind off 10 sts (that leaves you with one stitch on the right needle), but then knit the next [U]7sts[/U]. At the end of the row bind off 10 and knit the next 4 sts and the numbers will work out. You’ll have sections of 10 bound off sts with 8sts on the needle between them.

Row 7: K5 (BO10, [U]K7[/U]) 5 times, BO 10, [U]K4[/U]
Row 8: K5 (CO10, [U]K7[/U]) 5 times, CO 10, [U]K4 [/U]

Very clearly written patterns make a comment about how to count the stitch left after the bind off in the next instruction.
Looks like a fun knit. We’d love to see photos of the finished scarf.