Binding off in seed/moss stitch

I’m sure I’m making this too difficult, but how do you do it? Do I K1, P1, pass the knitted stitch over the purled stitch, and so on in the pattern?

Yep, you want to bo in pattern so that your bo row will match the rest of work.

K1, P1, Pass, K1, Pass, P1, Pass, K1, Pass … etc …

Thank you! It is a blanket and the pattern says to bo in pattern (moss/seed). I’m wondering though. . . I cast-on to begin the blanket with the Continental Cast-On. . . should I just bo in knit so that the ends match?

I wouldn’t. I would just bo in pattern b/c if you just knit your bo, the bo edge might turn out slightly wider than the rest of the work … IMHO … :wink:

Thanks for you help! :slight_smile: :XX: