Binding off in double knitting

Hello all, I have made small samples of double knitting (not the more complicating one with color, just the one where you knit 1, then yf and slip st as to purl- for every row.) Now, the tube is closed on each end but you can feel it if you pull the fabric out. Well, I wanted an open tube when finished…so, I BO in the regular way, thinking it would create that open tube, but of course that simply closed it shut. So my question is: how can I BO to keep this open? Thank you!:aww:

Hi Susianna, glad to see you’ve discovered the joys of tubular style double-knitting! You’ll need an extra needle for doing an open bind-off with this style of knitting - a cable needle is fine or just another needle, preferrably quite short. Your pattern for bind-off would read: purl 1/knit 1 if that’s your preference, slip 1 to your spare needle, p1/k1, pass first worked stitch over the one you just worked, slip 1 to your spare needle, p1/k1, pass the first stitch on your main needle over this one. Continue this way until you just have the slipped stitches to work and bind these off in the usual way.

If you have the right number of stitches cast on and have worked the right length you can use your pattern to make phone covers or any other similar shape. You just need to work some rows of ribbing at the top of the cover to make it stretchy so that your phone or whatever will fit in.



You can’t bind off both sides at the same time or you close the tube. Here’s a few sites that might help.

You’d have to BO the same way you worked a row - k1, sl 1 to another needle or holder, k1, then lift the first st. Sl 1 to a holder, k1, lift the st, etc. Or just slip all the sts from the ‘back’ side to a holder, then BO each side’s sts separately.

Hi ladies! I’m sorry I haven’t responded sooner-I’ve been in the hospital for a few weeks for complications due to my inner ear surgery, but I’m much better now.:aww:
Thanks for your suggestions about the double knitting bind-offs. I’ll give them a try, since I’m so fascinated with this tubular stuff!:hug:

Glad you’re back and doing well!


Sorry to hear you were in hospital, but glad you’re much better and hope you’re in the mood for knitting again.

I hope you find a bind-off method that suits you. If you are interested in patterns, Kelly Klem has some nice ones. You can find them if you Google Kelly Klem knitting patterns Etsy, but you do have to pay for them.

There is also a Yahoo Group for Double-Knitting, but it’s rather quiet at the moment.