Binding off for armhole shaping

I’m making a childs tank top. I was looking at Amy’s videos on binding off. My question is when you bind off while doing knit and then purl a row(stockinette). On the purl side do you bind off using the basic bind off or do you do the purl bind off on the purl side :?? I have to bind off 5 sts. on both ends for the back. They just don’t look the same to me, even thou I bind off the same 5 sts. on both sides.

Thanks for your help, :smiley:

When I have to do this, I bind of the knit side with knit stitches and the purl with purl. They probably don’t look exactly the same, but I’m not sure that they can. I always figure that it’s under the arm so it doesn’t really matter too much to me.

Ingrid thank you :smiley: I was wondering If I was doing it right or not.
What would I do with you :inlove: You always have helped me out and I really appreciate all you do here in extending a hand :thumbsup:

Thank you,

My pleasure!!