Binding off/decreasing with circulars HELP!

I am new to the forum. I am sure that this question has been asked before
but I don’t have the time to look through 50 pages of forum in order to locate the answer.

I am working on a felted bag project and I believe that I have messed up the binding off that is supposed to be happening. It looks weird. The pattern gives an instruction of Ktog2, K10, etc. for the 1st row, then a knit row, purl row and then cast off on the 5th row. Well, I started using the Ktog2 to deacrease as I was trying to remember how to decrease on an easy scarf project and apply that to the circular needles :doh: …well you can guess the rest. Its a mess. I need to rescue it and bind off properly .HELP!

did you look here for your decreases? there is a video of the k2tog in the upper left hand corner of that page.

I did look on the site. I probably should not have put decreasing because I know how to do that. Its the binding off that’s the issue. I was using the Ktog2 as my binding off which of course is not right.

ooooooooh yeah…that isn’t going to get it bound off for you. can you frog back to the point where you did that without ripping out everything (one stitch at a time if you have to!) and then do a regular bind off?

I can do that. Ummmmm…It’s just that I can’t even remember how to do a regular bind off. I looked at the site and got overwhelmed with the binding off options.

There is only one way that I was taught to bind off, I guess it’s slipping a stitch over another. But I could not figure out how to do that with the circular needles.

You bind off on circulars the same way you bind of on straights. Instead of having the end come off the needle as in regular binding off, you’ll see a gap growing wider and wider under the needle. When you get to the end of the bind off, it will be off just as on straights.

you do it exactly the same way. knit two and slip the first one over the second stitch…it is exactly the same just feels different at first but you will see it works out just the same!

Thank you ladies!! I trust you. I just want to see the results of my pretty felted bag!

I have been knitting since I was nine years old and am now thirty-four. I have picked up some new things and have knitted and crocheted off and on as the years have gone by but I need to get back to basics.

Thanks again! If you are ever in Chicago go to Loopy Yarns on State Street in the Loop!

Okay, I’m back. As you probably knew I would be. I’ve done the first round of binding off. Do I continue to bind off with the stitches left over?? :?? I am confused because it seems to be leaving these gaps and if I continue it’s going to leave bigger gaps.

Is this okay? the pattern says that this creates the top border of the bag…???

uuuuuuuuuuuuh…okay i think we need more information about the pattern. or at least i am confused if nobody else is. when you bind off the round, you should just be done unless you were only binding off part of the round or if you had some stitches on stitch olders. :thinking:

Well, the pattern says to start ending the project Ktog2, K10* 1st row.purl rows 2&4, knit row 3 and Cast off knitwise row 5. This will make the top of the bag.

After that I am supposed to start knitting the handles to be sewn onto the bag.