Binding off beg and end of row

I am knitting booties and it says to bind off 10 sitches k 23 and bind off last 10 stitches but I can not figure out how to bind off the last 10 stitches without my working stitch being at the end of the last 10 bind offs.

Also I found this pattern of the back of label for my yarn and it says K2tog.yfwd. Is yfwd the same as yarn over? I have looked for the abbrev in all the books and have and can not seem to find it. Thanks in advance for any help. I love this site… the video’s have sooooooo helped me.

You’re right, you can’t bind off at the end of the row. It probably means to bind off 10, knit to the end, then on the next row bind of 10.

Yes, yfwd is the the same as yarn over.


When I read that answer I smacked myself for not thinking of that BUT I went and got the patteren and it can not be done that way I don’t think. I am new to following patterns but that row says…Bind off 10 sts, k23, bind off remaining 10 st; cut green: 24 sts ( some how I am supposed to gain a stitch. the next instruction says begginning with a purl row work in stockinette stitch until blah blah so I guess I should have been a bit more detailed in my problem … thank you for your help…

Well, they do say to cut the yarn after the 2nd group of 10 bind off. That would work, then.

I think you gain the one stitch after the first bind off 10. After you bind off 10, you’d have one stitch on the right hand needle, then knit 23. You’ve got 24 stitches on the right hand needle now. Bind off the last 10 and cut the yarn.

Attach new yarn (same green color, a different color?) to the center 24 stitches, begin next row purling.