Binding off at the end of a row

Am I correct in assuming that when a pattern says to bind off at each end its impossible to bind off at the end of a row? So you will have to bind off at the beginning of the row and you will have a slight difference in rows because of this? Or is there actually a way to bind off at the end of a row?

No, you can’t BO at the end of the row, so you have to do it at the beg of the next row. Any differences in rows won’t be noticeable, and when you do the final BO, both edges will have the same number of rows to them.

Hi, She’s right. A couple weeks ago i tried it myself. If you bind off at the end of a row you will have 1 stitch left. It won’t have anywhere to go. The patterns I see say "BO 6 at beg of this row and BO 6 at the beg of next row.

So, in all actuality, it IS possible. It’s just that it’s a soemwhat complicated technique, and probably not worth doing unless your work is such that the bind off on the back of the next row will be visible, like narrow stripes.