Bind off two rows

Hi! New here!
The directions said to bind off three stitches at the beginning of the next two rows. NP. However (!), when I did that the two bind offs were obviously on two different rows.? I even tried to bind off at the beginning and end of one row and I’m sure you all know how that ended! Did I do it right the first time? If I did, should the bind offs not be equal?

Usually, these sort of bind offs would be hidden by the sewing up, so you were right the first time. One row extra doesn’t make too much difference and as you found, it’s a bit easier when you can continue knitting rather than rejoin the yarn.

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It’s hard to bind off at the end of a row because your yarn ends up stranded at the end of the bind off, so the shaping is moved to the start of the next row.

Here’s a video from knitting teacher Arenda Holladay about it:

(She teaches in the Master Hand Knitting Program in the USA.)