Bind-Off trouble

I always have the problem of my last bind off stitch being kind of loose. Even when I cut the yarn and pull it through the loop, the bind-off edge isn’t nearly as even as I would like it to be. I don’t know what I could do differently. I could try a different bind-off method…any suggestions??

hey ya know what…i watched Amy’s “mini project” video and it has some great little tips in there…and there was one that is suppose to help make that last stitch look better. check it out and see if it helps!

Thanks, I’m downloading it as we speak. :smiley:

Just looked at it and the problem she described in the bind-off of that mini sample is exactly what’s been happening to me. I’ll try her tip next time! :XX:

I tried looking for the mini-project video for the last stitch bind off and can’t find it.

it’s the first video here…

of course it is towards the end of the video but i think the whole thing is worthwhile. There were several “AHA” moments in it for me! :lol: