Bind-Off Tie-Off? HELP

i just finished my first project…well, almost finished. I learned how to do the bind off…but on the very last loop what do i do? Do i make a knot or something?

im sure this sounds dumb, but i have never knit before and i am trying to teach myself with this website…

thanks everyone. :slight_smile:

ps- i just created my account on here! I am excited!

-trish (a newcomer)

There are two ways to deal with it. One I have done all my life and it is to cut the yarn leaving a tail and then pull the tail through the loop that is left. You can do that with a crochet hook or just make the loop bigger and poke it through with your fingers and then pull on the tail to snug it up. This leaves a little nub at the end which I always thought was unavoidable.

The other way that I just learned a few days ago is like this. Cut the yarn leaving a tail. Leaving the knitting needle in the last loop, pull up on the knitting needle causing the final loop to get bigger and bigger until the tail of the yarn comes through the loop. This leaves a flatter edge with no nub.

Either way you then have a tail there to work in and probably one or more other tails to hide. You’re done!

thank you merigold!! Now I am finally finished :slight_smile: :cheering:

You’re welcome. Congratulations and welcome to KnittingHelp!

Pssst, we have the same name! That’s what my Dad used to call me when I was small. Cool!

Pssst, we have the same name! That’s what my Dad used to call me when I was small.

You mean Merigold? That is a name I picked for use on several forums but it is not my real name. You notice my name on Ravelry (the green box with the red yarn in it)? That is a pet name my mother called me sometimes when I was a girl. Daddy called me Dutch or Dutchman. :-)I like the name Merigold/Marigold wouldn’t mind if it was my real name.

Our oldest daughter’s real middlename is Buttercup. LOL (She likes it okay.) We were country hippies when she was born.

Sorry, I should have quoted…

My middle name is Marie, so Trish Marie. Or Pa-trish Marie if he was feeling particularly silly.

I like Marigold much better than a lot of the names these days. When do I get my crazy knitting lady “you kids get off my lawn!” cane-shaking cred? Sometimes I feel much older than my 34 years.

How many cats are involved? Has to be more than six for crazy old lady status. I’m looking forward to it. :slight_smile:

I don’t know-I think it kind of depends on the cat. For instance, I just have the one but she has the capacity of at least 3 cats to drive me toward cat ladyness…